Tribute to Marilyn Robbins

Marilyn Robbins was as dedicated volunteer and board member of our Annie Oakley Center Foundation, who made an impact in many ways, especially for Garst Museum, and left a legacy from her works for all to embrace the life of Annie.

Photo of Marilyn Robbins holding her book

Her commitment to conveying the accurate history of Annie Oakley was done on behalf of those curious about “Little Miss Sure Shot”, Annie enthusiasts, or academics researching her life for a book, film, or report by compiling Annie and Frank’s letters, correspondence, and select news articles from Annie’s scrapbook into five books: The Autobiography of Annie Oakley; Frank Butler: The Man Behind Annie Oakley; Personal Pages from Annie Oakley & Frank Butler; One or Two Eyes Open: Notes and Quotes from Annie Oakley & Frank Butler; and Sympathy Letters to Frank Butler After the Death of Annie Oakley. With assistance from the Garst Museum staff who typed the manuscripts, she donated the cost of publication to the museum, which remains the exclusive retail source of her books.

Marilyn through her research and publication brought the lives of Annie and her husband Frank to our hearts and immortalized the story of the little girl from Darke County who amazed the world with her skill as a sharpshooter. Marilyn will be fondly remembered by many as a “thoughtful, generous, and wonderful lady.” More about her life is shared here.

Images courtesy of the Darke County Historial Society
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